It’s a great success and the future is promising! Warm congratulations to HOPO Group on the glorious completion of its innovative factory and office building in Kunshan HOPOxin!

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2024-01-17 15:14

  The golden autumn of October is full of fruits. In this crisp autumn season, with the last concrete pouring in place, HOPO Group Kunshan and Boxin Innovation Factory and Office Building were officially capped on October 10, 2023. Good luck!

  Mr. Li Yongchuan, general manager of HOPO Group, attended the topping-out ceremony with the heads of each center and friends to witness this moment.

  From leveling the land to perfect capping, each construction stage is meticulously crafted, and every architectural detail embodies the builder’s sweat. Thank you to the workers and colleagues who worked day and night on the construction site!

  Since the establishment of the group, HOPO Group has continued to invest in research and development, established a high-end R&D team in the industry, continued to focus on important aspects such as product research and development, process management, and quality testing, and continuously improved product quality.

  Every brick and every tile is built for the glorious bloom of the future.