What are the listed companies in semiconductor equipment? What are the leading semiconductor stocks?

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2023-12-01 15:22

Semiconductors are used in integrated circuits, consumer electronics, communication systems, photovoltaic power generation, lighting, high-power power conversion and other fields. For example, diodes are devices made of semiconductors. Whether from the perspective of technology or economic development, the importance of semiconductors is huge. The core units of most electronic products, such as computers, mobile phones or digital recorders, are closely related to semiconductors. The editor below will introduce to you "Which listed companies are there in semiconductor equipment? What are the leading semiconductor stocks?"


1. What are the listed companies for semiconductor equipment?

SMIC Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Cayman Islands on April 3, 2000. It is a large-scale and technologically advanced integrated circuit chip manufacturing enterprise in mainland China.

2. Ziguang National Core

Unisoc Guoxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a core enterprise of Unisoc Group Co., Ltd. and one of the largest listed integrated circuit design companies in China. With smart chips as its core, the company focuses on digital security, intelligent computing, power and power management, high-reliability integrated circuits and other businesses. It is a leading provider of chip products and solutions.

3. HiSilicon

Currently, China's largest chip manufacturer is HiSilicon, a subsidiary of Huawei HiSilicon established in 2004. The well-known HiSilicon Kirin processor, Huawei's most proud mobile phone CPU, is just one of HiSilicon's products.

4. USI

USI's main business scope is the electronic components industry, providing wireless communication-related products, and has established good business cooperation relationships with internationally renowned companies.

5. Sanan Optoelectronics

San'an Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a "National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project" approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and a "Leading Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Enterprise" recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Information Industry. It is mainly engaged in full-color ultra-high brightness LED epitaxial wafers, R&D, production and sales of chips, III-V compound semiconductor materials, microwave communication integrated circuits and power devices, optical communication components, etc.

6. Zhonghuan Shares

Zhonghuan Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that produces and operates semiconductor materials and semiconductor integrated circuits and devices. The company's main business includes four major areas: high-voltage devices, power integrated circuits and devices, monocrystalline silicon and polished wafers, forming a product with product characteristics and industry attributes. Strongly connected diversified operations

7. Goertek

Goertek's business scope includes the development, manufacturing, and sales of acoustic, optical, wireless communication technologies and related products. Currently, Goertek has a presence in 21 cities in 6 countries around the world, including China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Denmark, and has taken a leading position in multiple subdivisions such as audio and optical precision components and consumer electronics product R&D and manufacturing.

8. Changdian Technology

Changdian Technology is the world's leading integrated circuit manufacturing and technical service provider, committed to providing global customers and partners with a full range of microsystem integration one-stop services, including integrated circuit system integration packaging design, technology development, and product certification. , wafer mid-level testing, wafer-level mid-level packaging testing, system-level packaging testing, finished chip testing, and can provide direct shipment to semiconductor suppliers around the world.

9. Silan Wei

Silan Micro is a high-tech enterprise specializing in integrated circuit chip design and production of semiconductor microelectronics-related products. The company's current main products are integrated circuits and semiconductor products.

10. Galaxy Electronics

Galaxy Electronics is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of digital TV receiving terminals, information electronic equipment structural parts, and smart grid distribution equipment. It is one of the largest professional manufacturers of digital TV receiving terminals in China. The company's production capacity and technical level are in a leading position in the same industry. Its products cover many countries and regions around the world, and its domestic market share reaches more than 10%.

What are the listed companies in semiconductor equipment?

2. What are the leading semiconductor stocks?
1. Northern Huachuang (002371): the leader. In 2020, the company achieved a net profit of 537 million, a year-on-year increase of 73.75%. In the past five years, The compound annual growth rate is 62.29%; the gross profit margin is 36.69%.

A leader in domestic semiconductor equipment, its main products are electronic process equipment, electronic components, etc. As mainland China's wafer fabs usher in a period of intensive investment, the company will benefit from the wave of domestic substitution and its business will continue to improve.

In the past 7 trading days, North Huachuang has increased by 0.37%, with the highest price being 302.66 yuan. The total market value has increased by 599 million yuan, an increase of 0.37%.

2. SMIC (688981): The leader. The 2020 annual report shows that SMIC achieved a net profit of 4.332 billion, a year-on-year increase of 141.52%. The compound growth rate in the past five years was 51.54%; the gross profit margin was 23.78%.

A leading foundry company in China, it mainly provides integrated circuit foundry and supporting services for a variety of technology nodes from 0.35 micron to 14 nanometers and different process platforms.

SMIC's stock price fell by 7.33% in the past 7 days, and its stock price fell by -13.55% in 2022. The highest price was 50.98 yuan, and the market value was 369.91 billion yuan.

3. China Resources Micro (688396): leader, with a net profit of 964 million in 2020, a year-on-year growth rate of 140.46%.

The company is China's leading semiconductor company with integrated management capabilities across the entire industry chain including chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. Its products focus on the fields of power semiconductors, smart sensors and smart control, providing customers with a wealth of semiconductor products and system solutions. plan.

In the past 7 trading days, China Resources Micro has increased by 8.85%, with the highest price being 55.52 yuan. The total market value has increased by 7.115 billion yuan, and has fallen by -3.61% in 2022.