Quality supervisor

Minimum Education:

Technical secondary school/technical secondary school

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Job Responsibilities:
1. Formulate and implement education and training operating specifications for the company's material incoming materials (IQC), manufacturing process (IPQC), finished product warehousing and shipment (OQC);
2. Responsible for the summary analysis and immediate feedback processing of abnormalities in operations;
3. Supervise various departments to improve product quality, prevent abnormalities, and achieve the company’s quality goals ;
4. Convene various quality meetings and coordinate various departments to deal with abnormal problems;
5. Regularly review and evaluate suppliers; >
6. Respond to and track customer complaints to ensure the effective implementation of corrective and preventive measures;
7. Supervise product reliability testing and quality improvement of new product trial production and its Reliability testing;
8. Make final judgments on the quality of finished products, and supervise relevant personnel to follow up and improve on abnormal problems;
9. Supervise and review weekly quality reports , monthly report;
10. Overall management and control of the company's quality, experience in equipment factory quality management is preferred;
11. Maintain internal and external audits of the company's ISO system.


Position benefits:
Food included, meal allowance, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, five insurances and one housing fund


Working location:
No. 9, Yucheng North Road, Kunshan City