PC software development engineer

Minimum Education:

Technical secondary school/technical secondary school

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

3-5 years

Job requirements:
1. More than 5 years of experience and ability in developing host computer complete software using C#/C++/labview language;
2. Be proficient in using motion boards for motion control development and be familiar with commonly used board brands;
3. Have one or more development experience and capabilities in automation, measurement equipment, appearance inspection equipment, etc.;
4. Have electronic control drawing ability, be able to draw complete machine circuit diagrams, and be familiar with the principles and usage of conventional electronic control components;
5. Be familiar with commonly used visual software libraries Carry out image processing and be able to perform routine positioning, measurement or appearance inspection processing;
6. Have a certain ability to withstand pressure, and those who like challenging difficult challenges will be given priority.

Job benefits:
Perfect attendance bonus, paid annual leave, double salary at the end of the year, free food, leading a team, five insurances and one housing fund

Working location:
No. 9, Yucheng North Road, Kunshan City