R & D Director

Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

5-10 years

Job responsibilities:
1. Technical review: Before signing the contract, review the plans and technical agreements provided by the sales engineers and managers of the Ministry of Commerce;
2. Scheme design: Carry out overall scheme design and quotation for the target project, and prepare scheme books and related technical documents;
3. Mechanical design: Responsible for the non-standard design of intelligent production line equipment, transmission mechanism Design;
4. Project operation: Responsible for the creation of BOM orders for intelligent production line equipment, coordinating outsourcing, tracking quality, on-site guidance and installation, etc.;
5. After-sales maintenance: After the project is delivered, problem tracking and resolution, and response to customer feedback;
6. File management: Assist the project manager in archiving and managing project technical documents.

Job requirements:
1. Mechanical design, manufacturing, automation and other related majors;
2. Master structural design, standard parts selection, and be proficient Use mechanical drawing tool software, be familiar with the selection of electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components, and understand manufacturing processes such as welded parts and machined parts;
3. More than 5 years of mechanical design work experience, able to complete development independently Work;
4. More than 3 years of R&D supervisor experience.

salary interview

Job benefits:
Perfect attendance bonus, free meals, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, five insurances and one housing fund, performance bonus, meal allowance

Working location:
No. 9, Yucheng North Road