Electrical Engineer

Minimum Education:

Technical secondary school/technical secondary school

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

3-5 years

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for circuit and program design of complete sets of automation equipment;
2. Proficient in Panasonic, Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens and other brands PLC programming;
3. Familiar with PROFACE, Hitech, Kunlun Tongtai and other touch screen human-machine programming;
4. Familiar with the selection and production of various electrical components BOM list of the electrical part of the equipment;
5. Familiar with configuration software applications, frequency converters, servo motors, and vision system applications;
6. Equipment wiring and procedures debug.


Job requirements:
1. Age: 25~40 years old;
2. College degree or above;
3. Electrical automation, mechatronics and other related majors, more than three years of relevant work experience;
4. Proficient in using PLC and touch screen programming software;
5. Proficient Use conventional electrical principles and gas circuit diagrams;
6. Be able to adapt to occasional business trips.


Position benefits:
Free food, meal allowance, paid annual leave, holiday benefits, performance bonus, five insurances and one housing fund


Working location:
No. 9, Yucheng North Road, Kunshan City